Nonprofit news from around the web: Sept. 9 – 13, 2019

Written on Sep 10, 2019

4 common traps when starting a nonprofit
What to watch out for before launching your altruistic business.

6 tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns
In 2018, nonprofit email marketing earned $45 for every 1,000 emails sent. Want to get more out of your email marketing? Start with these tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns.

Should your nonprofit transition to a for-profit company? Five questions to ask yourself
For-profit companies often have easier access to additional revenue, as well as a better path to grow and achieve their organization’s mission. However, this transition may not be right for all nonprofits, and its success depends on a variety of factors.

Donor-advised funds debate intensifies with proposed California legislation
Proposed legislation to regulate donor-advised funds (DAFs) in California not only can go viral but can also presage federal lawmaking on the given issues. Even though the bill addresses the DAF industry only in California, it has the potential to create a wedge in policymaking on a more national basis.

Tech Corner – Gmail keeps a record of your purchase history in plain sight, and it’s not alone
Google’s ambitions for transaction data are on display in the “Purchases” page, which even tracks what its enterprise and education users are buying.

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