Financial planning news from around the web: Sept. 2 – 6, 2019

Written on Sep 04, 2019

Americans pushed to the suburbs as city prices soar out of reach
For the past five years, U.S. homebuyers have flocked to cities where they can walk to a grocery store, restaurants and shops. But new data show that soaring home prices are slowing that trend because people simply can’t afford to live in places where they don’t need a car.

7 in 10 young workers prefer freedom to job security
A majority of young adult job seekers value the freedom of being their own boss over job security, and many also envision going into business for themselves one day, according to AICPA research.

Millennials are determined to retire early. Here's how they can actually pull it off. 
According to a survey, 43% of millennials expect to retire before the age of 65, while a Bankrate survey found that millennials cited age 61 as the ideal age to bid adieu to their careers.

Experts say high interest rates hurt low-income families
An analysis found dozens of posts on social media targeting parents who might need a "back to school" loan. Some of these loans—which are personal loans and can be used for anything, not just school supplies—are considered predatory, experts say, with sky-high rates and hidden fees.

Tech Corner – Google to use recycled materials in all hardware by 2022
The company's sustainability pledge will also extend to product shipping. By 2020, 100% of all hardware deliveries to customers will be carbon neutral.

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