Business and industry news from around the web: Sept. 2 – 6, 2019

Written on Sep 04, 2019

Half of U.S. companies now allow casual dressWorkplaces are growing increasingly casual, and it’s being driven by employees, a new analysis says. Since studies indicate most workers prefer less strict dress codes, the study points out relaxing the office dress code can be a way of attracting talent.

OSU to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2020
The Ohio State University President Michael Drake has announced that 3,800 university employees making less than $15 per hour will receive raises to that amount in 2020, while an additional 1,000 employees already making $15 per hour will receive a $1 per hour raise to $16 per hour.

Here's a $10M tax question: C or S corporation?
If you have a corporation—one that you formed or inherited—should it be an S or a C corporation? If you think flow-through, you might assume S, but what does this alphabet soup of corporate tax status really mean? 

7 in 10 young workers prefer freedom to job security
A majority of young adult job seekers value the freedom of being their own boss over job security, and many also envision going into business for themselves one day, according to AICPA research.

Tech Corner – Google to use recycled materials in all hardware by 2022
The company's sustainability pledge will also extend to product shipping. By 2020, 100% of all hardware deliveries to customers will be carbon neutral.

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