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Written on Sep 08, 2017

7 skills managers will need in 2025
The work landscape is changing. Amid this flux, managers are going to need new skills, too. The staid, hierarchical structures of the past aren’t going to work. As you plan your future managerial career, be sure to keep these skills at the forefront.

Combine the right tools with the right processes for successful fixed assets accounting audits
Documentation is everything in the world of accounting, particularly when it comes to audits. Whether the audit is internal to test controls around financial statement accuracy or an IRS tax audit, having the right paperwork and documentation simplifies the process, speeds up audit closure and facilitates a successful outcome.

Class fraud suits more viable with restatement, lawyers say
A class securities fraud suit is more likely to make it past the pleading stage when the targeted company restated its financials.

Soft is the new strong
In a global marketplace where companies need to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and woo customers with excellent service and timely solutions, business leaders can’t afford to not invest in soft skills training.

Tech Corner – Ways to soup up your current car with tech
Adding the right technology to an older car can make it feel brand new. Here's where to start.

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