CPA exam reform bill and podcasts dominate January’s top content

Written on Feb 06, 2020

TopTenPodcast-related stories continued to dominate in January, with four making it to OSCPA’s top 10 news stories for the month. Members specifically enjoyed listening to episodes about diversity + inclusion, how to make your team more effective and advice on how not to get sued.

However, you were most were most interested in reading about House Bill 442, OSCPA-supported legislation intended to allow Ohio CPA candidates to sit for the CPA exam after completing 120 hours of college education.

In addition, members enjoyed reading about ways to benefit from tax season, how to protect client and business data, how to utilize your financial skills in retirement and the Cleveland Cookie Dough Company.

Below is the complete list:

10. 12 ways CPAs can benefit from tax season

9. Use this checklist to help protect client and business data

8. Rolling in the dough: CPA is cookie truck entrepreneur

7. How one CPA continues to use his financial skills in retirement

6. What do accounting firms and bars have in common? Overpouring

5. PODCAST: Moving the needle on D+I

4. PODCAST: The secrets to make your team more effective

3. PODCAST: What creating a successful D+I program looks like

2. PODCAST: Advice from a lawyer on how not to get sued

1. Hearings likely on CPA exam bill

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