OSCPA learning director aids Ohio Department of Education in improving employability

Written on Jan 23, 2020

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication & engagement manager

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is working to improve the employability of Ohioans starting in high school, and OSCPA’s director of learning attended a session Monday to help make this possible.

“I found it interesting that, the Ohio Department of Education – as part of promoting the career readiness and employability of high school students – supports the attainment of credentials at that high school level,” said Tiffany Crosby, CPA, CGMA, MBA.

“So, organizations can apply to ODE for their credential to become approved,” Crosby continued. “ODE then provides a list of approved credentials that students can earn, and the school districts are reimbursed for the cost of obtaining that credential.”

Crosby had the opportunity to participate in a workgroup with other Ohio business representatives to review some proposed credentials and determine their value.  

The proposed credentials included customer service, sales, retail, financial literacy and more.

Each of the approved credentials are worth a certain number of points, Crosby said, and Ohio schools give students the optional pathway of earning 12 credential credits to graduate.

“There are all kinds of credits for the different career fields,” she said. “And there are some credentials that are recommended for any field and some that are for specific fields, but students can cross over, so you can kind of do your own thing and create your own path.”

Crosby said this program and others show that ODE is doing a great job of improving employability.

“All of this, to me, shows how innovative Ohio is being when you think about what it’s trying to do to prepare the workforce.”

She said businesses in Ohio should participate in things like the credential review workgroup because all businesses have a common need these programs support.

“I think the more business leaders can do to help the Ohio Department of Education achieve their goals, the more it benefits us overall because it helps advance workforce development, and one of the  issues that we're all struggling with, regardless of the industry, is finding talent.”

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