PODCAST: Former Marine shares how military experience translates to accounting

Written on Nov 07, 2019

For Lee Atwell, it simply made sense to use what he learned in the military in his career in accounting.

“What you learn from the military in general actually parallels great into the profession,” Atwell said.

In honor of Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11, we spoke to Atwell, a Marine Corps veteran and aspiring CPA, on the latest episode of The State of Business podcast.

“A lot of the training and teaching in the military talks about giving your all and helping one another out,” he said. “That's a big aspect of it, making sure everyone succeeds. We all charge the hill; we all get there.”

Giving your best effort to everything you do is a concept Atwell has embraced. In addition to working as a senior accountant at Homewood Corporation & Associates, he’s also a tax manager at Dublin Advisors, adjunct professor at Columbus State Community College and studying for the CPA exam.

After getting out of the military in 1998, he applied the same structure and discipline to his life. While taking classes at The Ohio State University he said he intentionally sat at the front of the class and always asked questions if he didn’t understand something.

“In the military they want you to understand what you're getting taught,” he said. “And they want you to be able to apply it and apply to its fullest.”

Atwell’s commitment to learning also extends to his experience as a professor. He said he makes himself available to his students outside of class and offers tutoring sessions, so they can understand the material and feel prepared for the real world.

“I’ve always been at the front, always asking questions, always seeking advice,” he said. “Because you know, we are not meant to know it all. And we need people and volunteers giving back and helping out the person to the left and right of them, wherever that is.”

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