IRS issues employer info for return prep, electronic filing

Written on Aug 22, 2019

Tax professionals preparing a current or prior year return for a client should remember that all financial entries on all transcript types are fully visible. There is a process in place to obtain current-year Form W-2 or Form 1099 information.

If an unmasked Wage & Income transcript is necessary for tax return preparation and electronic filing, a tax professional may contact the Practitioner Priority Service line. An unmasked Wage and Income Transcript will fully display employers’ names, addresses and Employer Identification Numbers needed for tax software preparation and for electronic filing. If the tax professional has proper taxpayer authorization, but it's not on file, they can fax the authorization to the IRS assistor and an unmasked Wage and Income transcript will be sent to the practitioner’s Secure Object Repository, available through e-Services. Tax professionals must have an e-Services account and pass Secure Access authentication to use the SOR option.

Note that the requested transcript will remain in the SOR for a limited time. The transcript automatically will be removed from the SOR after three days once you view it or after 30 days if it is not viewed. Print or save the transcript if you want to keep a copy.

The unmasked Wage and Income Transcript also is available to those tax professionals with e-Services accounts, approved authorization and access to the Transcript Delivery Service. Reminder: Circular 230 practitioners, i.e. attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents, can create an e-Services account and obtain TDS access. Unenrolled practitioners must either be responsible parties or delegates users on the E-File application.

Alternatively, taxpayers or other third parties who require an unmasked transcript for tax return preparation or filing may contact the IRS, present proper authentication to prove their identities and an unmasked transcript will be mailed to the taxpayer’s address of record.

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