Cincinnati CPA named Big Brother of the Year

Written on Jul 13, 2017

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

IMG_4994After his youngest son went to college, Don Mellott Jr., CPA, told his wife he wasn’t ready to give up going to car shows and baseball games just yet. After contacting the Big Brothers Big Sisters program he was paired up with Jaylen, who was 12 years old at the time.

“We enjoy hanging out with each other,” Mellott said. “He’s a very good kid.”

Mellott and Jaylen have gotten together about once a week for the past six years, and today Jaylen is a recent graduate of Elder High School. And although Jaylen’s schedule has gotten busier as he’s gotten older, the two still continue to hang out on a regular basis.

“We either go to a hockey game, a Reds or Bengals game, out to lunch or dinner or a combination of that,” Mellott said.

Mellott said during his time with Jaylen they’ve discussed the importance of hard work and what comes next after high school, and he emphasized the already strong values Jaylen’s mother had instilled in him.

Throughout the years Mellott brought Jaylen into Mellott & Mellott PLL in Cincinnati, where he’s a managing partner, sparking an interest in the profession. And after getting accepted into Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Jaylen said he plans to study accounting.

Recently named the Big Brother of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, Mellott said the most rewarding part of the experience has been seeing Jaylen grow as a person and develop a work ethic and self-worth.

He encouraged other CPAs to look into volunteering their time with Big Brother Big Sisters, as there are a variety of volunteering options available, and to not be deterred by a full schedule.

“Even in busy season when I’m working six days a week, I’m still able to find a few hours to spend with him,” he said “Whether it’s a lunch or dinner or something else. And I think many more people could do it if they just check it out.”

Jaylen has already expressed interest in wanting to help others like him who would benefit from a positive mentor relationship in their life, and his faith in the program is not lost on Mellott.

“That’s one of the most valuable things I’ve gotten out of it,” Mellott said. “The fact that he realizes how much this mentoring means to him and he wants to, as soon as he’s able, become a Big Brother.”


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  1. Bob Lynch | Jul 13, 2017
    Not only a great CPA, this man doesn't talk about doing good things for others, he does them.  Congratulations on being named Big Brother of the Year
  2. Dick Miller | Jul 13, 2017

    Fantastic job Don! It is good to know that some people still believe in giving back to our community as I do. If only more would did we could wipe out a lot of the negative factors facing some of these kids. thanks

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