Executive Branch CPA Preferred Recommendations


Mike DeWine & Jon Husted

"From their focus on infrastructure improvements to their workforce development efforts to their leadership during the challenging past few years, the DeWine administration is demonstrating that they are working to move Ohio forward."

The DeWine/Husted Campaign


Robert Sprague

"Robert Sprague's fiscal management of Ohio's finances has contributed to the state's new "AAA" credit rating, a first for Ohio that will result in significant taxpayer savings. Ohioans will benefit from his leadership over the next four years."

The Sprague Campaign

Keith Faber

"Keith Faber's considerable experience, management expertise, and commitment to Ohio's taxpayers makes him the candidate of choice. His efforts to increase the number of performance audits alone identified more than $300 million in savings to Ohio taxpayers. And his focus on transparency and efficiency is helping build our citizens' trust in state government."

The Faber Campaign

Frank LaRose

"Frank LaRose's efforts to streamline new business filings in our state have fostered economic growth in Ohio. He has proven to be a prudent and pro-business government official."

The LaRose Campaign



Judicial Branch CPA Preferred Recommendations


Sharon Kennedy

"Kennedy is a highly and respect jurist who has a strong record of judicial restraint. And Justice Kennedy's efforts to champion stability and predictability are helping Ohio's business climate remain competitive."

The Kennedy Campaign

Pat DeWine

Pat DeWine

"Justice DeWine has a solid record of exercising judicial restraint. His ability to apply the law as written and avoid injecting his personal beliefs allows Ohio to have a more predictable and stable legal environment."

The DeWine Campaign

Pat Fischer

"Pat Fischer's extensive legal expertise, combined with his philosophy of independence, predictability, and stability have earned him OSCPA's CPA Preferred Candidate status."

The Fischer Campaign


The Ohio General Assembly



Ohio Senate CPA Preferred Candidates

District 1-Rob McColley 

District 3- Michelle Reynolds 

District 7- Steve Wilson 

District 9- Catherine Ingram 

District 13- Nathan Manning 

District 15- Hearcel Craig 

District 17- Shane Wilkin 

District 19-Andy Brenner 

District 21- Kent Smith 

District 23- Nickie Antonio 

District 27- Kristina Daley Roegner 

District 29- Kirk Schuring 

District 31- Al Landis


Ohio House CPA Preferred Candidates

District 5 - Richard Brown 

District 6 - Adam Miller 

District 7 - Allison Russo 

District 11 - Omar Tarazi 

District 12 - Brian Stewart 

District 16 - Bride Rose Sweeney 

District 17 - Tom Patton 

District 18 - Darnell Brewer 

District 22 - Juanita Brent 

District 23 - Dan Troy 

District 29 - Cindy Abrams 

District 30 - Bill Seitz 

District 31 - Bill Roemer, CPA 

District 33 - Tavia Galonski 

District 36 - Andrea White 

District 37 - Tom Young 

District 39 - Phil Plummer 

District 42 - Derek Merrin 

District 46 - Thomas Hall 

District 47 - Sara Carruthers 

District 48 - Scott Oelslager 

District 49 - Thomas West 

District 50 - Reggie Stoltzfus 

District 51 - Brett Hillyer 

District 52 - Gayle Manning 

District 53 - Joe Miller 

District 54 - Dick Stein 

District 55 - Scott Lipps 

District 56 - Adam Mathews 

District 57 - Jamie Callender 

District 58 - Al Cutrona 

District 60 - Kris Jordan 

District 66 - Sharon Ray 

District 69 - Kevin Miller 

District 70 - Brian Lampton 

District 72 - Gail Pavliga 

District 73 - Jeff LaRe 

District 75 - Haraz Ghanbari 

District 76 - Marilyn John 

District 77 - Scott Wiggam 

District 78 - Susan Manchester 

District 79 - Monica Robb Blasdel 

District 81 - Jim Hoops 

District 82 - Roy Klopfenstein 

District 83 - Jon Cross 

District 85 - Tim Barhorst 

District 86 - Tracy Richardson 

District 87 - Riordan McClain 

District 88 - Gary Click 

District 89 - DJ Swearingen 

District 90- Brian Baldridge 

District 91 - Bob Peterson 

District 92 - Mark Johnson 

District 93 - Jason Stephens 

District 94 - Jay Edwards 

District 96 - Ron Ferguson 

District 97 - Adam Holmes