Women’s History Month: Christine Ross

In 1899, Christine Ross paved the way for future women in the profession by becoming the first female CPA in the country.

Christine Ross

Ross was born in 1873 in Nova Scotia and later moved to New York. She began practicing accounting in 1889, working for Manning’s Yacht Agency in New York. 

In 1898, Ross passed the CPA exam and placed in the top three scores in her testing group. However, because of her gender, it took close to 18 months for her to receive her certificate. 

The publication “Bookkeeper” said in 1900, “The eleven men who passed the examination at the same time as Christine Ross, got their certificates promptly, but the young woman waited.” 

On Dec. 21, 1899, she received certificate no. 143 and went on to serve clients that included successful women in business and in the fashion industry.