Fraud attempts continue, so tax quiz returns

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

The Ohio Department of Taxation says its ID confirmation quiz has saved millions of tax dollars from fraud since it was instituted in 2015.

Those fraud attempts are not going away anytime soon, so neither is the quiz.

“Are people still trying to steal? Yes,” said Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa. “The incidence is probably about as high. The dollars they are asking for has come down.”

Testa joined us on the latest episode of OSPCA Spotlight to provide an update on the quiz, which his department instituted in 2015 after a rash of fraud attempts.

Despite high-profile fraud busts in Florida and Georgia later in 2015 that might have been linked to the initial outbreak, Testa said the problem persists.

“It’s more widespread than just a couple of key crime enterprises,” he said.

ODT said 1.8 million people took the quiz in 2015 and 712,000 last year.

This year, Ohio taxpayers also will be asked to provide a driver's license or state ID-card to help combat identity theft. We’ll ask Testa about that in next week’s episode of OSCPA Spotlight.

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  1. Mike Sherwood, CPA | Mar 09, 2017
    Good for the Ohio Department of Taxation.  As a taxpayer who had a fraudulent return filed in my name, I really appreciate their efforts and actions.  Just don't make the questions so difficult that legitimate filers have problems answering them.

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