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The journey to the CPA

Certified follows a group of aspiring CPAs while they prepare for and take the various sections of the CPA exam. Be part of their journey as we cheer them on during their victories and sympathize with their struggles. The CPA exam is so much more than a "test," it's a certification that can change your career, and these candidates have those three letters as their end goal.

Don Jungquist

Donald Jungquist

Donald Jungquist is a former paralegal and grew up around lawyers. Knowing he wanted more reliability and long-term options out of his career, he went back to school at Cleveland State University to study accounting. Don's plan is to pass each CPA exam on his first try.
Part 1: An aspirational change of heart 
Part 2: Sink or swim
Part 3: Rising to the challenge
Part 4: Aftershock 
Part 5: Play to win
Part 6: Taking a breather
Part 7: The end is in sight


Emily Pennington

After graduating from Xavier University with a degree in accounting, Emily Pennington's next step is law school and the CPA exam, at the same time. Follow Emily's journey as she navigates studying and acquiring the proper accommodations for her blindness during the exam.

Part 1: An intimidating course load
Part 2: Waiting, waiting, waiting 


Janeen Smith-Hughes

Janeen Smith-Hughes is a former bank associate who has lived in Columbus almost her entire life. After constantly hearing from clients they had to "check with their CPA," before making a business decision, Janeen decided to go the accounting route herself. 

Part 1: The difficult path
Part 2: Knowing what you don't know
Part 3: FAR tougher than expected
Part 4: Halfway done
Part 5: Waiting scores 
Part 6: Almost there
Part 7: Worth the effort


Kimberly Price

After spending time in Afghanistan, Kimberly Price returned home to study accounting and works in public accounting. Stay up to date with Kimberly as she navigates family life and a busy work schedule, and carves out time to devote to studying for the exam. 

Part 1: Setting the example
Part 2: Knocked down
Part 3: Adapting to change
Part 4: Stress relief 
Part 5: Stomach bug
Part 6: Staying positive 
Part 7: Moving the goal post

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