CPA Voice: How to become a pro negotiator

Written on Sep 22, 2016

Business negotiation doesn’t just happen in a boardroom around a big conference table. It’s a part of your regular business interactions, and there are six skills to make you a pro negotiator, writes Peter Margaritis, CPA, and “chief edutainment officer” at the Accidental Accountant.

CPA VoiceThe first two steps are remembering to put your ego aside and respecting the other party.

“These steps truly help in removing emotions from the table. Heated emotions can cause negotiations to shut down or make them more likely to end in a stalemate with wasted efforts,” he says.

Next, Margaritis advises negotiators to remain in the moment, and be mindful of not wasting time.

“To succeed in negotiations, we need to drop our agendas long enough to truly listen—and with respect for all involved,” Margaritis writes. “It is true for formal negotiations around a conference table and is the way to success in the daily negotiations of life and career.”

To learn what the other three steps are and how to avoid a stalemate in your next negotiation, read the story online now.

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