PODCAST: How to make consulting your next career path

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 by Nicole Fracasso

If you’re a CPA, you can be a consultant, said Jake Nix, CPA, on a recent episode of The State of Business. Nix, the president of RISC Point Advisory Group, an IT firm offering consulting in security, privacy and compliance joined the State of Business podcast on a recent episode to discuss what it’s like to transition from auditing to consulting, the experience you need to do so and the soft skills that will help you succeed as a consultant.

Nix, who has a background in auditing and experience in the big four says that his interest in consulting first sparked when he was at PwC. He fell in love with the idea of not being constrained to the role of an auditor, Nix says.

“I had the opportunity when I was at PwC to join their internal consulting group that was working on a national initiative to automate the audit,” Nix said.

According to Nix, CPAs have an upper hand when it comes to the world of consulting because they have the chance to relate to both sides and give an insight into the way they’re going to be evaluated from the auditor.

“From the CPA perspective, it’s an instant credential when you walk in the door,” Nix said.

Nix also offers CPAs some advice when it comes to making the transition. He emphasizes the importance of really getting to know your client and delivering information in a way that they feel protected and valued.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to take the time to invest in the relationship with your client,” Nix said. “That’s one of the most important parts of consulting.”

Prior to his experience in the accounting industry, Nix’s first job was in retail sales. When it comes to becoming a consultant, Nix recommends any sales or customer service experience to help prepare for the role.

As far as the required skills for the transition, Nix says it’s most important to understand the situation.

“It’s just being able to convey what knowledge you’ve gained and help the client in their situation,” Nix said.

While consulting is a career that offers many travel perks and higher salaries, Nix emphasizes that one must be invested in more to succeed. It really comes down to what you’re passionate about, he says.

“It’s a different mind set and a different lens you have to look through to be successful,” Nix said.

Click here to listen to the episode in full and hear more on what Nix has to say.

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