PODCAST: How trusting her instincts paid off for one entrepreneur

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2019 by Nicole Fracasso

On a recent episode of The State of Business Danetha Doe, a former accountant and creator of Money & Mimosas, discusses the challenges she had to overcome, how to handle self-doubt and advice for those in a career transition period.

Money & Mimosas is a successful financial education blog intended to raise self-worth and net-worth in Doe’s community. Starting her business wasn’t easy, but Doe attributes most of her success to listening to her inner voice.

In the beginning, Doe says her biggest challenges were mostly revenue related, and determining how to sell her services.

“I had no idea where to find a client, I didn’t know what my client was really,” Doe said.

Now that her business has grown, some challenges remain. Now she struggles with how to grow the business in a way that’s still authentic. For example, when hiring a new team member, she doesn’t just look to see if they’re a good fit, but she’s trying to determine if they’re as passionate about the mission as the rest of the team.

“The ends don’t justify the means, it’s how I feel throughout the process,” Doe said.

When starting your own business and dealing with day to day challenges, it’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing everything correctly. But having confidence and trusting you’re on the right path is important, says Doe.

To help overcome this self-doubt, Doe practices a lot of self-love, care and compassion by reminding herself every day that she’s “in the right place at the right time.”

Another way Doe helps deal with self-doubt and overcomes challenges is by defining success for herself.

“Success for me is having freedom with my time,” she said.

Doe says she used to attribute success to the things she could afford, like buying a house, for example. Now she believes that success is having the ability to take a class in the middle of the day and being financial independent enough to have control over her schedule.

When it comes to how to adjust during a transition period, Doe recommends finding ways to get inspired and to simply let go of trying to figure everything out.

“As accountants we are problem solvers, we want to figure out a solution and implement it,” she said. “But let go, take a step back and find ways to get inspired.”

Doe also recommends surrounding yourself with people that are on the journey with you and can help expose you to new ideas.

“Transitions, I have found in my experience to be a beautiful blessing that we’re going through because our inner self is telling us that there’s more out there,” Doe said. “And what’s out there for us we have no idea about because we haven’t yet been exposed to it.”

Check out our podcast to listen in full and learn more on what Doe has to offer the accounting industry.

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