Crossing Bridges Summit aims to move theory to action

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019 by Gary Hunt

By Margaret D. Finley, OSCPA diversity & inclusion strategist and consultant

Here at The Ohio Society of CPAs, we are committed to moving Diversity + Inclusion from theory to action.

A big part of that effort is coming in August with our inaugural Crossing Bridges Summit 2020 – Advancing Diversity and Inclusion, and I invite you to join us!

As I think about the title – Crossing Bridges – what comes to mind for me is the opportunity to create a compelling experience for business leaders in the company of Diversity and Inclusion practitioners, thought leaders, champions and advocates.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has long been recognized as the “right thing to do,” but has not always been viewed as a business imperative beyond the war for talent. Successful businesses understand that in a society where demographics are rapidly shifting, they need to be more relevant and sensitive to the needs of the employees and customers they serve today and hope to serve in the future. That mindset shift is bringing greater awareness for the benefits of building a business culture that is more diverse and welcoming at every level.

OSCPA is a leading partner and influential voice for a thriving business environment and, indeed, our summit is not just a one-time event, but a significant commitment to our journey. The objectives encompass a thoughtful, multi-year focus that will have measurable impact on the level of inclusiveness within the accounting profession. It is not expected that all summit objectives or potential agenda items will be incorporated into one summit but rather, they will form the basis of a continuing, cohesive curriculum that may also include webinars and other connection events to continue the momentum to advance diversity and inclusion.

I am proud and excited to be associated with an organization that believes that diversity and inclusion is an imperative business priority! How we define and talk about diversity and inclusion is every bit as important as what initiative we undertake to meet our objectives. Our goal is to be a leading convener of transparent and authentic conversations as we seek to advance diversity and inclusion throughout the accounting profession.

Our Building Bridges Summit – Advancing Diversity and Inclusion will take place Aug. 13 in Columbus. Learn more!

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