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With the long overdue diversity and inclusion charge into the workplace, D&I has been a popular topic for a while. However, there are many different interpretations that come with these buzz words.

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2018 has been a busy year at the Ohio Society of CPAs. And, we want to offer a heartfelt thank you to our members. We are grateful to know you, work with you and continue to improve the state of business in Ohio with you. We are looking forward to 2019, and we hope you have a happy, prosperous holiday season.

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As employers continue to emphasize diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the hiring process has evolved when it comes evaluating the non-traditional qualifications of applicants.

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Adding women to your team, whether that means serving on a corporate board or in some other capacity, is important. You will never hear otherwise from me, or from the Ohio Society of CPAs. However...

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The recently created All Raise is a collection of more than 30 female venture capitalists that mentor and increase the number of women founders and women in venture capital

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We know that diversity initiatives are a vital part of many companies’ business strategies for the future, as they look to improve hiring and retention and reflect the world in which they operate. As noted in another recent OSCPA blog post, views differ on the importance of these programs.

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For many companies, diversity initiatives are a vital part of their forward-thinking business strategy. But not everyone in the company necessarily believes in the importance of those programs.

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In a recent report from the Center for Effective Philanthropy, 36% of nonprofit leaders consider diversity an important goal but don’t think they’ve actually achieved it.

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Aside from teaching appropriate table manners and entertaining kids for exactly 23 minutes, here are two reasons "Fancy Nancy" deserves two thumbs up from the accounting world.

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Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, is under fire for using the “n”-word on a May conference call and has resigned as chairman of the board. While this is certainly newsworthy in its own right, what is perhaps even more interesting is the way its two agencies of record reacted to the initial offense and subsequent fallout.

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An accounting firm reports that embracing this dimension of diversity has sparked greater innovation, improved manager leadership, strengthened pride among employees and highlighted the firm’s purpose.

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ACLA is a professional development opportunity for college students of color to prepare for a successful future in accounting. At OSCPA we talk a lot about building a pipeline of diverse professionals, but just talking isn’t enough.

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A new OSCPA opportunity in the greater Cleveland area might be a game changer for underrepresented high school students interested in business and accounting.

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Silvia McClellan, CPA, took an unconventional path to public accounting, and now her perspective has guided her to form a group that's helping women succeed.

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When working with others, identifying their type and preferred style can go a long way toward connecting with those around you.