Women in venture capital creating their own opportunities

Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 by Jessica Salerno

The women in venture capital aren’t waiting for leaders of top firms to recognize them; instead, they’re creating their own opportunities. The recently created All Raise is a collection of more than 30 female venture capitalists that mentor and increase the number of women founders and women in venture capital

“A key change All Raise hopes to facilitate is upping the number of female partners at venture firms—which would empower far more women to write checks and lead deals,” writes Pavithra Mohan of Fast Company. “And while some firms have made an effort to hire more women over the years, they aren’t necessarily in the higher ranks.”

Much like the accounting profession, All Raise found a lack of women leaders. All Raise revealed earlier this spring “there are 170 female partners at funds worth upwards of $25 million—that amounts to 9% of VCs at firms of that fund size—and 74% of U.S. firms do not have even one female partner.”

All Raise is looking to push firms to do more than simply put pictures of smiling women on their websites. The organization plans to double the number of women in partner roles over the next 10 years, and takes its mission to unite women in VC to heart.

“The crux of All Raise’s mission is mentorship and community, be it through office hours for female founders or women in VC gatherings,” Pavithra writes. “That includes being a resource for the next generation—women at the associate level, or women who want to enter venture capital.”

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