Have associations done enough to address diversity, equity and inclusion?

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018 by User Not Found

We know that diversity initiatives are a vital part of many companies’ business strategies for the future, as they look to improve hiring and retention and reflect the world in which they operate. As noted in another recent OSCPA blog post, views differ on the importance of these programs.

This issue was pushed further into the spotlight in a recent McKinley Advisors’ study. The 2018 Economic Impact on Associations Study surveyed nearly 200 association executives about their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts (DE&I), among other top issues.

The authors noted that the survey “reveals a tendency among associations to identify DE&I efforts as a top organizational priority without implementing the specific strategies needed to advance this priority in a substantial way.”

In other words, our intentions may be in the right place, but we’re having trouble executing them in a meaningful way.

The good news is the intention behind many of these initiatives seems to be half the battle, as noted in the blog post shared above. If people don’t feel like the diversity initiatives are coming from an authentic place, they’re not likely to work, or at least not to their fullest potential.

“Like anything else in an association, if it is left to the margins, you’re only going to get partial results,” McKinley President & CEO Jay Younger, FASAE, said. “The organizations that have professionalized this function and taken a coordinated approach … tend to be the ones that are having better results.”

For more insight into the survey done by McKinley Advisors, associations’ efforts in this space and tips for addressing DE&I at your organization, visit AssociationsNow.com.

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