Young CPA Profile: John Garrity, CPA

Written on Jun 07, 2016

By Rebecca Hixen, CAE, senior manager, student & young professional engagement

Meet John Garrity, CPA, newly appointed chair of the Young CPA Leadership Board. John said he is looking forward to further developing the YCPA program across the state, specifically focusing on making high school and college students aware of the variety of opportunities available within the accounting profession.

How did you get involved in OSCPA’s Young CPA Program?

John Garrity, CPABy attending an event sponsored by the Dayton Regional Committee. My firm, Brixey and Meyer, takes pride in serving our community and encourages us to get involved in activities that interest us. After the event, I sent an email to find out how I could become more involved with the group, as I am passionate about my profession. I was offered the opportunity to serve as a member of the Dayton regional committee. Currently, I am serving as the co-chair of this committee and have just taken on a larger leadership role as chair of the Young CPA Leadership Board, which is comprised of YCPA leaders throughout Ohio.

How has your involvement benefited you personally and professionally?

It has been extremely beneficial both personally and professionally. It’s provided an additional avenue through which I can learn and grow as a leader by giving me exposure to tremendous leaders within OSCPA. My time spent working with the members of the Dayton and statewide committees and my involvement in the many networking, professional development, student recruiting and community service events has helped to expand my professional network in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and across the state by allowing me to interact with like-minded peers.

As incoming Chair of the YCPA Leadership Board, what is one goal that you would like to see the group achieve?

All of the regional committees had a great year during 2015. It was a year that was filled with a wide variety of new and exciting events for students and Young CPAs alike. I would really like to see the committees build on the success of 2015 and continue to think outside of the box – developing new and interesting ways to get students and Young CPAs more involved in the communities within which we live and work. Additionally, I believe that the Young CPA Committees across the state have a tremendous opportunity to be a much more prominent resource for students in high school and college. We can help them understand the variety of opportunities that the profession provides, by being mentors to them, and by sharing first-hand experiences from our own careers with students.

How do you see the Young CPA Program expanding over the next two years?

There is a tremendous opportunity for the Young CPA Program to expand our outreach to students and newly graduated accountants. The landscape of the profession is changing daily. These changes within the profession provide so many exciting opportunities for Young CPAs to advance their careers at the pace that they desire. I see the Young CPA Program playing a significant role in being a resource to students early in their education to speak to students about those opportunities and about exciting career options they would have as a CPA.

Share your thoughts on the importance of recruiting students to the accounting profession.

Recruiting talented students to the accounting profession is vital to the continued success of the profession. The landscape of the profession is changing every day and the war on talent is growing exponentially. As these changes continue to occur, the profession needs to be focused on recruiting, training and retaining talented young professionals who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Why is the CPA credential important to you?

I am someone who is passionate about being a life-long learner and constantly look to expand my knowledge and skills in order to better serve others. To me, being a CPA means that you are committed to a lifetime of learning and a lifetime of service to those whom you interact with on a daily basis. This includes your co-workers, clients, charitable organizations in your community, and more. The CPA credential sets you apart from others.

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