New brand reflects how CPAs drive business success

Written on May 11, 2016

Scott Wiley, CAE
Photo courtesy of Sandra Richtermeyer, CPA, Ph.D. (@SRichtermeyer)

By Amy Bonacuse, CAE, OSCPA vice president of communications & marketing

CPAs today are leading some of the most successful businesses in Ohio to greater success, Scott Wiley, president and CEO of The Ohio Society of CPAs, told members today at the Business Excellence Symposium and Annual Meeting in Westlake.

He welcomed the crowd of 200 and outlined how OSCPA is evolving to meet the changing realities of business and better support CPAs and their teams in driving growth.

He unveiled the Society’s new brand which is the result of two years of research and member discussions.

“We are all operating in a rapidly disruptive business environment,” Wiley said. “CPAs are advancing business in every sector of the state and we want to tell your story because it’s one of great opportunity.”

Members’ top challenges today are attracting and keeping top talent, dealing with increasing regulatory morass and growing their organizations in a competitive environment.

Wiley outlined a few areas of increased focus at the Society, including helping CPAs move beyond competency in technical skills to mastering talents that help them build relationships and drive business success.

That focus includes widening the future pipeline of accounting professionals, revamping learning programs to be more targeted and flexible and connecting CPAs with opportunities to grow business.

The new logo and brand are a reflection of OSCPA’s commitment to boldly position CPAs as Ohio’s top financial advisors.

“We are committed to creating and delivering more value to you and intentionally changing the narrative about this profession… demonstrating how OSCPA partners with our members to strategically drive business in Ohio,” Wiley said.

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