CPAs should embrace one type of pain to thrive in business

Written on Mar 31, 2016

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

Tim Kight says CPAs need to be agile and able to manage change to stay on top in today's business environment.

The good news is, they are uniquely qualified to do so.

“The better CPAs I've met are very good at understanding complexity and then expressing it in simplicity,” said Kight, founder and president of the Dublin-based consulting firm Focus3. “And when I am with an organization that has professionals within it that can take something that's complex and make it simple for me or for a client to understand, that's a tremendous value.”

Last month we introduced you to Kight, who will speak May 11 at OSCPA’s Business Excellence Symposium. In the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight, he explains why both organizations and individuals need to move quickly to stay on top in today's business environment.

“Like other businesses, the accounting profession is going through change,” he said. “It’s going to speed up even more, and so in response, CPAs need to speed up the rate of change within their organizations.”

That requires embracing what he calls “productive discomfort.”

"I think the profession itself has to be much better at creating an environment of flexibility, an environment of change where people embrace and go on a journey of personal transformation to drive the kind of organizational transformation that's necessary to respond to the changes in the marketplace."

During his presentation at the Business Excellence Symposium, Kight will explore a framework for leadership development and influence that delivers business results while boosting staff retention. He is one of several business experts delivering growth tips at the upcoming Business Excellence Symposium. Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Learn how to develop and lead a diverse team that can expand your organization's market reach with tips from internationally successful business executive Dr. Marilyn Tam.
  • Develop better solutions to your biggest challenges with Cincinnati native Todd Henry, international speaker and founder of Accidental Creative.
  • Turn the latest economic data into long-term strategic recommendations for your organization with insights from Nationwide Senior Economist Ben Ayers.

Register today for the Business Excellence Symposium. Attend in person or tune in via webcast.

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