Administrators join forces, solve problems

Written on Sep 29, 2016

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

Business can be a battle, but sometimes competitors find it helpful to come together to solve common problems.

That’s what’s happening with the Ohio chapter of the CPA Firm Management Association.

Chapter President Sarah Galley said first-time attendees are often surprised to discover there are so many non-competitive issues they’re able to hash out. The relationships that quickly form in the group often turn visitors into long-standing members.

“When we’re sitting in that room together, that (competitiveness) goes out the window,” Galley said. “We honestly want to help each other.

“If I have something going on at my firm I can pick up the phone and make a phone call, I can send an email out to one of the other administrators and say, “Hey, have you had this experience and what did you do?’”

Galley, who is firm administrator at Pohlman & Talmage CPAs in Dayton, joined us on the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight. Also joining us was Pohlman & Talmage Partner Doug Talmage, CPA, who said firm leaders can expect their business to benefit from involvement with the group.

“I think when Sarah comes back from either the chapter meetings or the annual conference, there are always ideas that are presented at the meetings that we bring back and can implement at our firm, and it’s really been very helpful for us,” he said.

Watch this episode now to learn what Talmage says is the biggest change he’s seen in accounting over his career – and how the CPA FMA is helping.

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