OSCPA understands the importance of a diverse and inclusive accounting profession, which is why we work to create opportunities for underrepresented students and professionals.  

Along with the programs we offer to help students find a love for and a place in the business world, we also support women’s initiatives, work in an ADA compliant office space and have a dedicated team working to find new ways to be inclusive every day.

But, this page isn’t for us — it’s for you! We’ve compiled a list of resources to assist you with growing your knowledge and/or your businesses’ diversity and inclusion efforts. 

If there’s a topic we’ve overlooked or a question you have regarding the D+I arena, feel free to reach out to Margaret Finley, OSCPA's diversity + inclusion strategist and consultant at mfinley@ohiocpa.com.


Latest Diversity + Inclusion News:

  • Jun 28, 2019

    Defining success for women is the first step to achieving it

    Success does not have to be elusive achievement in life, but for women facing unequal pay, childcare issues and stereotypes it can sometimes feel that way. Seeing your dreams realized is possible, but first consider how to overcome those obstacles standing in the way.
  • Jun 28, 2019

    OSCPA D&I manager appointed to Women’s Fund board

    The Ohio Society of CPA’s diversity and inclusion manager, Sierra Austin, has been nominated to The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio board, a nonprofit focused on advancing social change.
  • Jun 13, 2019

    'Social enterprise' is more than a buzzword

    As the business world searches for ways to stay socially conscious, organizations might be too eager to label themselves as a “social enterprise” when they might not understand the meaning of the term.

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