Become less intimidated by business development

Written on Jul 30, 2020

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication & engagement manager

While some businesses have boomed during the pandemic, others have struggled and must rebuild as the state opens. Business development skills might be more important now more than ever, an expert says.

OSCPA is offering a way for CPA to quickly hone those skills, as Craig Hohnberger, co-founder of Buji ActionCOACH, will lead a business development workshop at the Society’s virtual accounting shows. His sessions will teach attendees how to follow the “DICE Method,” a process Hohnberger created when he started his own business.

DICE stands for “Directed Idle Chatter with Engagement.”

“It's essentially how to engage with people in an environment that feels like we’re just having a conversation,” Hohnberger said. “And yet, it's directed because we're qualifying in the back of our mind if this could make a good client for us or not.”

The workshop will cover how to bring in new clients, including networking, prospecting and sales – especially now in a virtual environment.

“This is an area that a lot of people are intimidated by and not comfortable in, so this is designed to make it a whole lot more comfortable.”

Hohnberger said attendees will take away two main things from the workshop. First, business development is not an art but a science with a process. Breaking that process into steps makes it easier to follow and repeat. He said while many are anxious about initiating a conversation or coming across as “salesy,” it won’t come across that way if the speaker approaches it with the right mindset and intentions.

This workshop will not only help attendees learn how to find new clients and business, but it will also teach them about active listening and building better relationships, Hohnberger said.

“These skills will translate into the personal life as well. It’s something that will help them engage with people in general, which opens the door on a professional life too. So, anybody that wants to grow their careers and grow their businesses, this would definitely be a great workshop for them to attend.”

To attend this workshop, register now for the upcoming virtual Dayton Accounting Show taking place Aug. 19-20 or one of the other three shows this fall.

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