The CPA's Role in Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis presented by Tom Hood

Written on Jul 16, 2020

What is the impact of this crisis on today’s CPA, accounting and finance professional? What do we need to do to keep ourselves strong and calm through these turbulent times? How can we see opportunities through this fog of uncertainty and lead our organizations through this crisis? 

In this expert session, Maryland Association of CPAs CEO Tom Hood will cover the COVID-19 crisis and the major issues and opportunities for CPAs, accounting and finance professionals. It will outline the key steps to stabilize your organization and your clients now and position for future success. 

• Learn about leading through a crisis and how to manage stress, yours and your team’s 

• Understand the three stages needed to manage thru the crisis and how to build a plan around them 

• Develop a framework for positioning your firm and clients for the short-term and the long-term and how to communicate it to employees, stakeholders and clients 

• Understand the latest updates on government relief programs at the Federal level 

• Identify key trends and opportunities that can help you manage the short-term and position for the long-term (Trends and Predictions) 

• Develop key next steps and a contingency plan for your organization 

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