OSCPA member receives leadership award from WELD

Written on Jul 16, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 


When Betty Collins, CPA, started at Brady Ware and Company in 2012, there were only two women shareholders on a team of 23. Today, there are seven female shareholders, whom she refers to as “The Magnificent Seven.” 

“It’s not just about having women in the board room to have women there,” she said. “It’s about the talent and the perspective. You’ll have a different organization when you have men and women.” 

Collins is a director at Brady Ware and Company and was recently one of 12 women selected by Women for Economic Leadership Development (WELD) to be featured on their 2021 calendar recognizing women in leadership roles and their influence on the community. 

“WELD is an incredible organization,” she said. “They’re there for several reasons, one is about development of women who are executives. They’re also very much about social justice as well. They’re at the table for women in Ohio.” 

In August of 2014, Collins launched a women’s initiative within the firm to bring the women of the office together. In the first year, she held a conference with 44 of those women to help them find their path. 

“What we found was everyone needed to find something to do with women’s groups outside of their office,” she said. 

Shortly afterwards, she partnered with the Women’s Small Business Accelerator and the conference went from 44 people to 145 the following year. Over time the conference has only grown, and last year’s had more than 350 attendees. 

As a successful woman in accounting, Collins encourages young women in the profession to create their own path. 

“Don’t look at it as a male dominated business,” she said. “You’re in a business that takes smart people, you have to be technical and you have to be an advisor. There are many shoes that you can fill.” 

In addition, Collins emphasizes the importance of having and being a mentor. 

“Always mentor the people behind you,” she said. “Pull them up with you.” 

Collins said she is thankful for the people she’s worked for in the past and present who helped her get to where she is today. From them she learned the importance of ethics and family, to value your employees and challenge yourself to move forward. 

“You are who you hang with,” she said. “You need to determine who you want to be around because you kind of become those people.” 

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