Acronyms mean credentialed expert

Written on Jul 16, 2020

PFS™. CITP®. ABV®. CFF®. CEIVTM. When any of these acronyms appear after your name, people notice. It means you’re a credentialed expert — a Personal Financial Specialist, a Certified Information Technology Professional, Accredited in Business Valuation, Certified in Financial Forensics or you are Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations. 

Apart from the prestige of having these letters follow your name, what else can they mean for you? We recently spoke to four credential holders across the country about the impact AICPA advisory service credentials have had on them and their businesses, and the resounding response was, “a huge impact.” To learn more about the value of all the AICPA credentials, and to find out if you qualify, go to 

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