TechCred application deadline is June 30

Written on Jun 25, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

The Ohio TechCred program is back with COVID-19 related updates. 

This program, officially known as the TechCred Training Reimbursement Program is intended to improve the technology skillset for Ohio workers. 


“It is a reimbursement for employer costs to have professionals obtain micro credentials,” said Stephen Estelle, JD, tax manager at Clark Schaefer Hackett, an Ohio CPA Proud organization.

A micro credential is a certificate that demonstrates holders have educated themselves on an issue and are an expert in that area. The program encompasses more than 750 micro credentials that professionals can choose from, Estelle said. 

“Pretty much any skill that you could develop on a computer is included,” he said. 

One of the most notable benefits from this program is the reimbursement of up to $2,000 per credential. And now, because of pandemic-related updates, applicants get can get multiple credentials per application period. 

Also, reimbursement is no longer dependent on employers listing employees who will be taking the training ahead of time. 

“So, now you no longer have to list the employees who will be taking the training,” Estelle said. “You just have to list the credentials and the number of employees you anticipate taking the training.” 

The program is designed to help both businesses and employees by allowing workers to get the technological training they need. 

The deadline to apply is June 30, click here for more information.

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