Fall Advance in review: Workplace safety

Written on Jun 18, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

When it comes to taking care of employees and property, there’s not a one-dimensional approach. 

That’s the advice of Tom Foos, president and co-founder of ARMADA, Ltd., a protection and preparedness firm in Columbus. Now that businesses are weighing their operating options during the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be a good time to consider physical security, as well. 

Foos said the following seven questions organizations should ask themselves can lead to a multitude of possible solutions: 

  • How are you going to staff your efforts? 

  • Who will own it? What policies and procedures do you have currently? 

  • Are your people trained to respond to a potential security situation? 

  • Are you leveraging technology to save money? 

  • Are you exercising your plan? 

  • How do you respond to incidents? 

  • Have you considered all possibilities? 

“Those in a nutshell are the different tasks and dimensions within a security program,” he said. 

A Marine Corps veteran who also worked for the state government and as a security manager in the private sector, Foos spoke with OSCPA last fall about workplace safety. He discusses the barriers he has encountered when working with companies and much more. For many, cost is an issue. He also said employees can resist change and the impact possible solutions can have on operations. 

He said a typical mistake is “taking a cookie cutter approach.” Each organization has its own potential threat, ranging from the neighborhood it is in to an issue with an employee. 

“As your organization grows, your threats to your organization grow,” said Foos. “Your vulnerabilities grow.” 

For more advice from Foos, watch the full interview

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