Local firm management news from around the web: May 13 – 17, 2019

How to secure your cloud-based software
With damages from cybercrime expected to top $6 trillion by 2021, no organization is immune. It is no longer a matter of if, but when your company or firm is attacked and given the wealth of sensitive financial data, accounting firms are a desirable target for cybercriminals to exploit.

When legal fees aren’t strictly business
Can a taxpayer deduct his or her legal fees? The answer, in short, is “it depends.” As evidenced by a new case, it makes a big difference if the expenses are related to business activities.

Lesson from The Tax Court: It takes more than winning to get the IRS to pay attorney fees
It’s always nice to beat the IRS in court. It is even sweeter when you can also make the IRS pay your attorney fees. But that is not so easy, even when you win.

IRS spotlights expanded tax benefits for depreciation and expensing
The IRS is highlighting tax reform changes that impact depreciation and expensing for nearly every business. In some cases, these changes allow small business owners and the self-employed to write off the cost of machinery, equipment and other property more quickly.

Tech Corner — "You should feel weird" about Amazon listening to what you say to Alexa, tech expert says
Amazon workers are listening to what you tell Alexa, a Bloomberg investigation revealed. So is there a legitimate business reason behind the practice?

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