Invest in yourself to maximize your impact! 

Build your acumen and explore new skills with this essential spring conference. Choose from a variety of sessions designed to bring you up to speed on recent developments in your area of practice while exposing you to new skills that will make you a more valuable contributor. Here's what you can expect to learn. 

Revenue Recognition 
Illustrate key concepts through practical examples to prepare for future implementation.

Professional Standards - Beyond the Code
Examine the concepts of ethics, ethical drift and the ethical decision-making process.

Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals
Gain an understanding of robotic process automation fundamentals and discover how to identify and prioritize the business processes that are most suitable for automation.

Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Landscape
Navigate the uncertainties and develop strategies involved in a post-Wayfair world.  

HR Management and Solutions
Delve into security and privacy regulations and how to maintain compliance.


2019 Schedule Highlights

  • Ohio Professional Ethics and Standards 
  • Cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your operation
  • The post-Wayfair sales tax landscape standards
  • Fundamentals of Robotic Process Automation

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