Strategic Finance and Accounting Summit 2019

Secure your seat at the table this spring! 

Extend your reach and lead the way with exclusive insights into strategic planning and partnering provided by thought leaders in your industry. Our 2019 Strategic Finance and Accounting Summits are conveniently located and easily accessible while also offering those deep dives needed to broaden your skill set in a competitive business market. Here’s what you can expect to learn.

Enterprise Risk Management
How to effectively identify the potential risks of a project then categorize and evaluate accordingly. 

Fine-Tuning Finance Functions
Finding your stride as a strategic business partner by adapting accounting functions into your fiscal role and responsibilities.  

Influencing The Tech Sector
Why strengthening relationships and sharpening the saw plays an important role in growing a circle of influence within your IT team.

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2019 Schedule Highlights

  • Delivering Value Through ERM
  • The Compliance Side of HR: What Finance Leaders Need to Know 
  • The Talent Side of HR: Understanding Drivers and How to Support Performance
  • Leading and Influencing the IT Function
  • Convergence of Finance and Accounting
  • Expert Panel