Small business news from around the web: April 29 – May 3, 2019

Written on Apr 29, 2019

7 marketing strategies for your small business that won’t break the budget
Nearly every small-business owner today has to worry about competition from larger competitors — whether it’s the major chain down the road or a popular online brand. How does a small or local business market itself to stand out and win over customers? Here are seven tips.

Customers expect small businesses to be friendlier than big ones, study says
Is it really possible to truly meet the expectations customers have of your small business? This of course greatly depends on the customers and the type of service you provide. But new research has revealed small businesses are held to a higher standard of friendliness.

Small business cybersecurity: The case for MSSPs
Small businesses may not have the staff needed to use automated security platforms, which is one reason why opting for a Managed Security Service Provider might be the better option.

How banks view competition in small business lending
The FDIC conducted its Small Business Lending Survey in which 1,200 banks responded to questions about their small business lending practices. The data confirmed that small banks are more likely to rely on relationship lending practices, while large banks are more likely to use transactional methods.

Tech Corner — Psychologist explores controlling games directly with your brain
Increasingly, game developers are asking whether a 17-button controller or a mouse/keyboard are the best possible interfaces for interacting with games — or if there is something more “naturalistic” that could improve the connection between what we want to do in a game and what actually happens.

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