Local firm management news from around the web: April 29 – May 3, 2019

Written on Apr 29, 2019

How small CPA firms can survive smaller audits
Small CPA firms may question how they can survive the competition for smaller audits with larger firms that can afford huge investments in new technology. You’ve probably read about auditing in the cloud, continuous auditing, big data analytics or blockchain. Here’s how you as a small CPA firm can survive.

3 ways accountants can implement AI today
To streamline processes and draw deeper insights, accounting firms should explore the current opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. Here are three ways these advanced technologies can take the grunt work out of daily tasks.

How CPAs can help reduce red tape for their firms
A client who operates a business in different states seeks their CPA’s advice. Now, the CPA is burdened by licensing inconsistencies and compliance fees. But both client and adviser ultimately pay the price – in time and cost. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Trump's rules for opportunity zones satisfy investors' wish lists
There's plenty of enthusiasm for new U.S. tax breaks for investing in low-income communities designated as opportunity zones. But many people have delayed spending because of uncertainty about how the incentives will work.

Tech Corner — Psychologist explores controlling games directly with your brain
Increasingly, game developers are asking whether a 17-button controller or a mouse/keyboard are the best possible interfaces for interacting with games — or if there is something more “naturalistic” that could improve the connection between what we want to do in a game and what actually happens.

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