Small business news from around the web: April 15 – 19, 2019

Written on Apr 15, 2019

Three-fourths of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries haven’t opened yet
Ohio has allowed the sale of medical marijuana for three months, but less than a quarter of its dispensaries are operating. Of the 56 dispensaries licensed by the state, only 13 have received certificates of operation.

Heading off hackers: Ohio weighs Cyber Force
Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation — Senate Bill 52 — to create a civilian force of 50 to 100 professionals across the state who would work to prevent cyber attacks and respond when they happen.

For some small business, Instagram has replaced word-of-mouth
It’s not about who you know, but who you follow.

WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout
WhatsApp Business is now rolling out worldwide on iOS. WhatsApp Business lets business owners set up a profile to share company details like their email or store address, and also have access to greetings and away messages to manage interactions with customers.

Tech Corner — Apple’s next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge other devices
Huawei and Samsung recently introduced a helpful feature in some of their latest phones — the ability charge other devices wirelessly off of the new phones, allowing you to share a bit of your battery life in a pinch. A Japanese blog reports that Apple’s next iPhone might include the feature.

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