Health care industry grows by 39,400 jobs in July

Written on Aug 10, 2017

Health care hiring jumped by 39,400 jobs in July, marking the second straight month that job growth surpassed the average monthly gain of 32,000 last year.

Hiring in ambulatory care centers led the way in July, adding 30,000 jobs.

And though admissions have flattened in recent months, as evidenced by the second-quarter earnings releases of investor-owned hospital giants HCA, Community Health Systems and LifePoint Health, hospitals added 7,300 jobs in July.

The health care sector joined a broad-based surge of hiring for the month. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified an increase of 209,000 non-farm jobs nationally in July, beating an analyst consensus forecast of 180,000.

The national unemployment rate fell to 4.3%.

The July health care hiring surge followed a strong gain in June of 36,600 jobs, the statistics show. In July, the labor department slightly revised up the June numbers by 100 jobs.

Before the hiring jump in June and July, hiring in 2017 had muddled along at about a 24,000 monthly average.

Home healthcare agencies did the most hiring among providers in July, bringing aboard 11,300 more employees.

Outpatient centers and hospitals tied as the next biggest hirers, each adding 7,300 jobs in July.

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