Small business news from around the web: June 12 - 16

Written on Jun 13, 2017

How to detect accounts payable fraud
No matter how big or small a company, accounts payable is one of the areas of the business most vulnerable to internal and external fraud. Between vendors, suppliers, rent payments, and more, businesses need to be vigilant about monitoring their finances.

U.S. CPAs are positive but keeping an eye on training, wage pressure
According to the AICPA’s latest Business & Industry Economic Outlook Survey, while the economic outlook overall remains strong amongst U.S. CPAs, wages and other employee costs are projected to increase, and hiring the right people is expected to become more difficult.

Why small community lenders have your back
Are you wondering how to get a bank loan for your small business? If you're in the process of seeking funding, you may want to look to smaller community lenders for your loan.

Why women don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs
For many Americans, starting their own business is the manifestation of the American dream: Take a risk, work hard, get rich. So why don’t more women do it?

10 tricks that'll make you an Outlook master
Whether you use the desktop client every day or have been dabbling in the new apps for iOS and Android, here are 10 great tricks for getting more from Outlook.

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