Business and industry news from around the web: May 8 - 12, 2017

Written on May 11, 2017

California considers taxing companies to the moon (and back)
California has long been considered fairly aggressive when it comes to how far they're willing to go to impose taxes. Now, the state may literally be reaching for the stars. The state has introduced a proposal that would make it the first state to tax commercial space transportation companies.

Trump’s tax plan could turn ‘everyone and their dog’ into an LLC
The Trump administration’s proposal to slash the tax rate on partnerships and limited liability companies could set off a stampede of individual taxpayers trying to reclassify themselves as so-called pass-through businesses in order to take advantage of the savings, according to tax experts.

Overtime and stress are common during month-end close processes
Automation has helped improve the efficiency and accuracy of the month-end close, but finance departments still feel pressure to close the books faster. Two recent surveys by software providers underscore several key issues facing finance professionals 12 times a year.

Is pay transparency right for your company?
Pay transparency isn’t that common, but with the fight for equal pay still raging, should it be?

Tech Corner - 3 tech trends for accountants to watch in 2017
Kimberley N. Ellison-Taylor, chairman of the AICPA, recently noted that technology tops her list of the most important trends shaping 2017 because it will drive so many of the profession’s opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.

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