MedPAC votes to overhaul PAC payment system

Written on Apr 12, 2017

The Medicare Payment Advisory Council (MedPAC) voted unanimously on April 6 to recommend an accelerated timeline for implementing a unified, site-neutral payment system for post-acute care providers.

The vote means the panel's recommended overhaul of the post-acute reimbursement system could potentially kick off as soon as 2021 — earlier than previously proposed. That acceleration is greatly needed, MedPAC members said, as previous efforts to reform the payment system have been lagging.

Members identified potential stumbling blocks and challenges the new system may pose, such as the impact it may have on vulnerable patients.

The potentially accelerated implementation worried some providers, with the American Hospital Association telling the group late last month that an aggressive timeline may hurt the reliability and accuracy of the final system.

MedPAC will present its recommendations to Congress in June.

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