Saas heavyweight Genesis Digital credits success to female d-suite team

Written on Nov 18, 2016

It's no accident that Genesis Digital's high level management boasts so many female directors, even as the number of women in computers and technology is on the decline. Women comprise four of the 10 D-suite positions at Genesis Digital.

"The numbers don't lie. Study after study shows that companies with more women in high level positions have higher profitability. This includes ROE, ROS, and ROIC. Not only does it level up our organization in terms of gender diversity, but has the added benefit of being great business," stated Gideon Marcus, COO of Genesis Digital.

Three of the four female directors made their start at Genesis Digital running various levels of the Customer Success department for several years. This afforded them the ability to leverage their cumulative brainpower with a vast, comprehensive knowledge of exactly what the customers need, desire, and expect. These facets of their combined work allow them to bring individualized excellence to their new departments.

"I've always thought marketing and customer service should work in concert with one another, one nourishing the other. Service to our customers should be the foundation for all our marketing efforts. One of my first priorities was to make that the focus of the marketing team," said Donna Fox, director of marketing. “As Genesis Digital expands their reach in the marketplace, it's necessary to create and define new, better focused departments across the board. The women front liners are the perfect fit to this not undaunting task.”

Janice Marcus, company controller reporting directly to the CEO, built the accounting department in its current iteration from the ground up. What was once functioning well as a typical start-up department is now finely tuned and meticulously operational under her direction.

"Access to accurate financial data is critical for any growing company's success. Genesis Digital not only empowered me to improve the accounting department, they demonstrated that they value and respect the work I do,” Marcus said.

MJ Schrader, director of education and documentation, maneuvers through several projects every day, creating both front facing and internal education, while working with development to analyze back end programming.

"It is my firm belief that everyone should spend time working directly with and providing support for customers. The perspective it provides is invaluable. Every piece of documentation I create is filtered from that perspective,” Schrader said.

Then there is the newborn publishing department with Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Barraza that recently launched the Genesis Digital blog, Genndi, and is gearing up to ignite a brand new social media campaign in collaboration with the education, marketing, and customer success departments.

"I'm incredibly proud of our work so far. We're launching with 100% organically created content, based directly on customer feedback and requests. Our blog and social postings are driven by our customers' needs, which allows us to laser focus our long term content plan," said Barraza.

CEO Andy Jenkins said, "These women are four of the smartest people I know. I wanted them working where they could make a difference, and we're already seeing the positive results of that decision. Between the promotions and additions we've made to our core staff and the introduction of the JamSession Engine, 2017 promises to be a stellar year for Genesis Digital."

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