Podcast: What’s next when you’re busier than you ever expected?

Written on Jul 11, 2019

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

Vrenna CathyMost business owners hope for success when they strike out on their own. But Cathy Vrenna, CPA, never expected just how much success she would have when starting her own company.

 “How busy I got so quickly, it shocked me,“ Vrenna said of her company, Vrenna Enterprises. She started it in 2016 and uses Quickbooks to serve individuals, small businesses and nonprofits.

Vrenna joined us on the most recent episode of the State of Business podcast to discuss what it’s like starting her own business and how she handles roadblocks, work-life integration and more.

Previously, Vrenna worked for the Columbus Foundation and Merrill Lynch. Now she said she relishes her freedom in her current role, especially after working in corporations for most of her career.

“There is peace in not having the headache of being in an office environment,” she said. “And being a W-2 employee where you have to answer to people.”

It’s been interesting not having a boss’s office to go to when she has questions, Vrenna said, but a strong network of connections and help from Quickbooks has given her plenty of resources to go to when she feels stuck on a problem.

The appreciation she receives from clients has also been touching, Vrenna said, such as when she gets a thank you note for all of her hard work.

As for the extra hours she has to put in, she said her passion for her business more than makes up for it.

“I used to have more of the mentality that you need the weekend for you, and not the company,” she said. “But now doesn't seem to matter as much because the business is mine. So, I don't mind working extra time.”

She encouraged those considering going into business on their own to take the chance if it’s what they care about and not to be intimidated by things they might not know.

“You'll know when the time is right,” she said. “And people out there will help you answer questions. There's so much information available on the web today that really nothing is impossible anymore.”

Listen to the episode now.

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