Advice from top women business leaders: “You have to stay persistent; you have to keep trying.”

Written on Jun 20, 2019

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

It’s easy to look at those in leadership positions and assume they’ve always done everything perfectly. But that would mean overlooking the valuable lessons learned along the way. 

“There have been lots of difficult times in the 27 years that I've owned Kaiser consulting,” said Lori Kaiser, CPA, CGMA CEO and founder of Kaiser Consulting. “There have been times where I've been stuck and I couldn't grow the business, times where I maybe hired the wrong person. I think the answer is, you just have to stay persistent; you have to keep trying, you have to turn outside and ask for advice from other business owners.”

Kaiser and other top women business leaders appeared on this week’s episode of The State of Business podcast, offering their perspective on evolving career paths, the secrets to success and advice for young professionals just starting their careers.

Yaizmen Sheree, owner of RawYoga614, spoke about what it was like to become a yoga teacher in a field where not many of her peers looked like her. It’s something women in accounting can relate to, especially as they make up only 22% of firm partners, according to the American Institute of CPAs.

“I would say be that person that you would like to see,” she said. “And then teach other people how to how to do that. And people who look like you how to do that.”

For Tasha Fowler, executive director at City Year Columbus, leadership is a term she’s had to become more comfortable with over the years, although she said she still thinks of herself as a coach. 

“I never thought I would be in leadership,” she said. “But real leaders lead every day, right? There are people who are watching you that you will never meet, that you'll never know that think that you are a leader.”

Fowler also spoke on her evolving view of success and how it’s changed as she’s taken on new challenges.

“When I was first starting, I had measured success with metrics, how much money was I making, what was able to purchase?” she said. “And now, almost 20 years later, success to me is being happy and content in a job that I love.”

Listen to the episode now and hear more from these women at the Women, Wealth & Wellness Conference on June 27.

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