CPAs of Ohio
CPAs of Ohio highlights Ohio accounting professionals in a personal, authentic way. Contact Jennifer Rieman or Jessica Salerno if you’d like to participate. 


Neil Steffens, CPA


"If you weren’t a CPA, what would you be?

"I would really like to be a movie critic. I have my own blog online where I review old Oscar movies." Learn more. 

candice hayes-mcinnis

Candice Hayes-McInnis, CPA

Clark Schaefer Hackett, CPAs

"What made you want to start a non-profit?"

"Really I’ve always known ever since I took my first accounting class in high school, I kind of found a love for accounting and a love for helping people." Learn more. 


Tim Oatney, CPA

Oatney & Associates, CPAs Inc. 

"You have your own practice. How did it start?"

"I was actually a journeyman patternmaker. Nobody knows what that is." Learn more. 

Kelly Hoehne

Kelly Hoehne, CPA

Clark Schaefer Hackett, CPAs

"Do you have any favorite memories of childhood?"

"It wasn’t too long ago, probably 2008, but one of the vacations we took as a family was to Hawaii to visit Pearl Harbor." Learn more.

Kenya Watts

Kenya Watts, CPA

XPO Logistics

"Do you believe in the American Dream?"

"Absolutely. So Facebook for me is really about jokes and posting pictures of my kids, but if someone gets on Facebook completely denouncing their citizenship, I will have something to say to them." Learn more.